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The Cellar


We offer a wide selection of wines representing all the major brands and regions (Old World and New World). We have curated a selection which are considered key in yachting. If you don’t see a wine you are looking for, don’t worry if its available in the state of Florida we can get it for you.

We can source any wine on the market as quickly and economically as physically possible, if in stock they can be delivered between 24 and 48 hours. If they need to be order we will provide you an estimated time of delivery.

Looking for Rare Wines?, we love a good challenge and we know how time consuming and tricky it can be trying to find them. Don’t worry our team’s expertise and contact network will go above and beyond to find it for you.

Let’s not forget the Crew, we can create and customize a delicious selection of good value wines for the crew from around the world at great prices.

What a great way to learn and travel than tasting different styles of wines. We have a great selection of White, Rose, Red, Orange and we also know all about it those Natty wines too……

If you are looking for liquor, beer, sake and any other beverages, send us your list and we will be more than happy to source them for you.

We will love to hear your suggestions, maybe can start carrying some of your favorite wines as well!

Send us an email at [email protected] or contact us here



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